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G.A.C.S Arabia is a Design, Engineering, Integrators & Testing Services Provider, specialized in Environmental and laboratory instrumentations, Our experience, knowledge as systems integrator and distributor for various well renowned brands, having factory trained systems & service engineers, makes us a unique service provider

  • Ambient Air Pollution Monitoring Stations & Studies
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring & Assessments
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems and Services
  • Fugitive Emissions Monitoring & LDAR assessments
  • Sewer Flow,  Water Quality Monitoring and Studies
  • Ground Water Monitoring & Studies
  • Wastewater Monitoring, Sampling and Studies
  • Oil Spill Monitoring and Oceanographic Studies 
  • Operation & Maintenance Services
  • Laboratory and Test Instruments
  • Safety Products

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Networking Partners

ITT-Innovations of Dubai Associated with AMEGTECH of Jordan act as Middle East distributor for reputed international brands providing solutions in the following applications:

-Environmental noise & air quality monitoring.

-Monitoring of IAQ & Workers exposures to air contaminants, noise and vibration. 

-Contamination control.

-Respirators fit test & integrity test instruments

-Air filtration for particulate, gas phase and microorganisms.

-Gas detection and IAQ & air parameters measuring & monitoring instruments.

-Green technologies

Distributor for: CESVA, TSI, Purafil,  Airguard, ATA Medical, MSR-Electronic, Sacatec, Monodraught and Miatech

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